Youth Ministry

With the Youth Ministry, we plan bible studies, youth services, and have events like the Trunk-a-treat, Annual Lock-in (December 31), snow camp (either in January or February to Upstate New York), and youth retreats.  With the coming of the events, they may host many fundraising activities to fun them.  Some of the activities are movie nights, donut and calendar sales and bowling.

The Lock-in is every year on New Year’s Eve (December 31).  The kids come in and have a wonderful time of worship and games that last all night.  They also have communion with their parents just before mid-night. 

Snow camp is another highlight of the youth.  Here, they go to upstate New York for three days.  They participate in bible teachings, songs, concerts and games like football (outside in the snow), basketball, polar plunge, volleyball among other sports.  After the three-day event, an alter call is given and those who have not will dedicate their lives to GOD.